Welcome to the chocolate pages of our kennel!

Chihuahua is a wonderful breed with all it’s colors, but my passion is chocolate!

Breeding chocolate color is demanding and difficult, you cannot do it with hurry or only for the color.
For years I have admired this color and wanted a typical and beautiful chocolate chihuahua from my breeding that would get attention on shows with it’s beauty instead of it’s color.

Because chocolate is very difficult color to breed and breeders that want to work also with the typicality  not only color, are only few, it’s been difficult to find good chocolate chihuahuas.

Our kennel’s chocolate chihuahuas and chocolate carriers are also from healthy known lines, mostly from Misty Meadow’s. Tuula Lehtien-Cochetti from Misty Meadow’s has during the years of her breeding experience and good critical choices been able to establish a solid ground for breeding this color. I’m very happy that also in this matter I have her support and experience and the dogs my lines will be based on in use.

Because breeding is before most breeding a typical and healthy dog, you have to remember these basics in also color breeding. This color has attained a huge popularity among the breeders and dog owners it’s even more important to keep in mind what breeding is about. I do not recommend anyone to breed this color to anyone who is not willing to work hard and deal with the disappointments while waiting for the big success.

In case you are interested in chocolate as a color or some of our dogs or future litters, contact me to ask more!