Chihuahua-breeding with love


Welcome to Helmiäisen kennel web pages.

I’m Merja Kahelin and breeding Chihuahuas is my passion and my work. In my family there are my husband Jari and kids Sanna, Jesse and Salla. My whole family supports me and we live pretty much by the dogs’ demands. My oldest daughter Sanna breeds Papillons and Russian Toys under prefix ROSALAGO in co-operation with Ulla Lehtinen. Jari is a wonderful support and help always and everywhere. Jesse and Salla help with taking care of the dogs as often as they can.

I’ve been very demanding with my breeding work since the beginning and also known precisely what kind of breeding I want to do. The typical chihuahua, preserving it’s special characteristics, healthy construction, health and temperament are the most important things for me.

My breeding is mostly based on well known and valued Misty Meadow’s dogs and lines, added with some carefully chosen male and female from other lines that complete the entity well. Every litter is long time planned and behind all my breeding choices is the thought of leaving a dog home to continue my breeding. One cannot keep every puppy so I have for my joy been able to help other breeders with my dogs.

I believe that co-operation is the future every dogbreeder should aim for. I myself have been very lucky to be able to co-operate with some good and trustworthy breeders, as well in Finland as abroad. Closest of these have become working with Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti, Misty Meadow’s, Italy and Francesco Cochetti, Di San Gimignano, Italy. Also Ulla Lehtinen, Rosalago, Finland. I cannot enough emphasize the help and support I have from them, not forgetting the friendship that is between us! With their help I have received unbelievably many valuable things; wonderful dogs from fine lines, large amount of knowledge and skills that they have unselfishly given me. Also support and opportunity to share joy as well as sorrow.
I hope you enjoy your visit at our pages. In case you are interested in our dogs, contact me!

Our studmales are available with careful consideration. In case one of our males interests you, please contact me. If you send e-mail, please enclose at least the pedigree and photo of the female along with description of the strengths and faults of the female and also what is your goal with the litter in planning.

Merja Kahelin

phone +358440708953